Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's a Wrap...

Provo Rooftop Concert Series Season 7 has concluded.
And what a fantastic finish.
This season has been one of my favorites.
And I give special thanks to my two cohorts here for all their great help.
I could not have done this job without them.
 The Lower Lights (seen here at soundcheck) have traditionally closed out the season
(with the exception of the last two seasons when we closed with Neon Trees
and last year, Kaskade).
It was wonderful to have them back.
It's always great to hear them sing the great traditional hymns
in their trademark style.
Several new songs were added to their set this time with another upcoming album
due sometime before Thanksgiving.
Their Christmas concerts in SLC are always a sellout.

 We themed the greenroom in their honor by using their signature song
'This Little Light of Mine.'
Fitting also for our opening group
The SLC Mass Choir.

This choir was terrific!
They were all so gracious and thankful for the dinner and atmosphere of the greenroom.
I enjoyed talking with many of them.
Their music is all about praising the Lord and lifting people.
They use the hashtag #MakingGodFamous on social media.
The group was started by Tim Drisdom, a former University of Utah and pro basketball player.
He felt inspired to give up playing and put his efforts into this ministry.

 They really warmed up the crowd and it was awesome to see the energy and love.

It was a mild, cloudy night with just a light smattering of raindrops for a brief time.
As is always the case at Rooftop,
the crowds got bigger and bigger as the night went on.
The enthusiasm in Provo for these evenings is palpable.
 I stepped out on the patio of the greenroom to take this shot as the sun was setting.
The Provo City Center Temple is always photo worthy.
 And my concert-going days were not over yet as I played the cool mom
and took Cammy to see Coldplay on their world tour stop in SLC.
Coldplay has been her favorite band for most of her life.
It was a sold-out show.
She even cried a little when the lights went down and the music started.
And I have to say, I fell in love with them that evening as well.
It was one of the most amazing, fun concerts I've ever attended AND
one of the most visually pretty shows I've seen in a concert venue.
(And so what if we could only afford the 'nosebleed' seats.
The band played to everyone.)
Such a fabulous end to our summer!