Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where did July go?

Cammy turned seventeen.

 Caitlyn flew in to surprise her and stayed a couple of short days.

 Another Rooftop Concert to kick of Independence Day weekend.
(Courtney worked her magic with her art talents in making the greenroom festive.)

 Another delicious dinner prepared by Good Thyme on Center Street in Provo.

 Another of my favorite bands 
 headlined our show.
They have been touring the country this year and making lots of fans!
Lead singer Brady Parks is a talented and humble man.
Loved visiting with him and the other band members, as well as meeting his parents
who flew in from Colorado to see the show.

 Opening our show was my friend Mindy Gledhill and her brother-in-law Dustin's
new 80's inspired band, Hive Riot.
(I felt like a middle-aged munchkin sandwich here.)

 Every July I attend the BYU Books for Young Readers Symposium.
I have been attending for 29 years.
(Give or take a few I missed.)
I love children's books.
(It was a treat to meet and chat with Molly Idle, a former DreamWorks animator,
and now children's book author/illustrator. She was a hoot!)
 Our friend Ashley joined Courtney and I this year.
She and Courtney are reviewers for the well-read blog:
Reading for Sanity. (See my sidebar to connect.)
 Who can pass up a photo op with a pink flamingo?
 BYU and the Provo Library always do a fantastic job of hosting.
 Ashley and Courtney were so exited to meet author Elizabeth Wein 
who wrote one of their favorite books, a World War II based novel
'Code Name Verity.'
Ms. Wein had a fascinating life story to share.
She lives in Scotland.

 I also attended a benefit production at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem 
of a remounting of the musical Xanadu which was directed by my friend and directing idol
Christopher Clark who was recently diagnosed with ALS.
Most of the original cast flew in for the rehearsals/performances. 
Many are presently performing on Broadway and in other major theatres around the country.
It was fantastic and I haven't gut-laughed so hard in a long time.
It was wonderful to get a hug afterwards from Chris and his lovely wife Lisa.
They are remarkable, humble and grateful people who are handling this 
devastating challenge with grace and humor.
I just love them!

Coryn and Scott flew to Iceland for a week.
They had a spectacular adventure and it was fun to see all their beautiful photos.

Also, every year for many years, my sweet 79 year old friend Jan
hosts a 'Christmas in July' tea party for me and another friend, Barbara.
(We have missed Barbara the past two summers as she and her husband are serving
an LDS mission presently in Washington DC South working with young military families.)
Jan always makes everything so lovely with a theme, music, and delicious food,
but most importantly, the conversation and time together.

I continue to enjoy serving in the Provo City Center Temple.
I took this photo a few weeks ago after leaving my shift.
It was a bright and hot sunny day.
July was joyous.

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