Sunday, April 17, 2016

Family Celebrations in DC

photo credit: Tom Balfour
Another quick trip to the Washington DC area.
This time with the entire family in tow.
And quite the timely calendar for us!
It was school spring break for our youngest daughter Cammy.
We came to support our son-in-law Scott as he received his white coat
at the conclusion of his first year of medical school.

Such an impressive ceremony!
It was a cold, sunny and windy day in Bethesda.
Associate Dean COL Jeffrey Hutchinson MC,USA gave these words to the future doctors:
"Knowledge without caring is wasted."
It was neat hearing the students recite the Oath of Hippocrates.

Our daughter Coryn works for the Office for Student Affairs 
at the university
and helped put the ceremony together.
It was wonderful for us as her parents to see her in action,
as well as meet those she works with.


The week was also a triple celebration of sorts as both our middle daughters had birthdays.
Coryn on April 6th
Caitlyn on April 9th.
 I love Lincoln AND these girls!

 We enjoyed a lovely day visiting The Mall and the beautiful memorials.

 Shed a few tears here at the Vietnam Memorial.
The war during my childhood.

 We visited a few of our favorite Smithsonian Museums.
Too many to see in just a few short days.
Future trips must be planned.

 Familiar faces in the American History Museum.

 Coryn and Caitlyn took opportunities to practice their photo talents on each other.
(Here in the courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery.)
 We took the metro to the lovely town of Alexandria, Virginia.
Rode the trolley down to the wharf of the Potomac.

 Spent the afternoon walking the quaint streets.

(photo by Caitlyn)

And of course a visit to the exquisite Washington DC Temple.
This was Cait's first time visiting and she couldn't take enough photos.
 The blossoms were in full force and everything was stunning to see.

We stayed in Silver Spring and had fun visiting some shops like this clever
record store with vinyls gracing the floors.
A wonderful whirlwind trip.
The best part?
Spending time together as a family.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Youngest Goes Dancing Gatsby Style

 When your daughter heads out the door looking like Daisy
in 'The Great Gatsby'...

Cammy went to her first school dance.
The theme was The Roaring 20's.

By all accounts the evening was a lot of fun.