Monday, January 25, 2016

Some neat things...

I enjoyed the opportunity to play my first shift at the Provo City Center Temple Openhouse
on this beautifully restored 1890 Chickering piano that was built about the same time
as the original Provo Tabernacle.
It was neat to see all the happy faces of visitors and receive some kind thank yous,
but my favorite moment was when a lovely little girl, perhaps six years old,
walked away from her family and came over and stood by me and started to quietly sing along
"A long time ago in a beautiful place children were gathered 'round Jesus..."
The new temple is magnificent.
The open house has been filled with visitors from all over.

My daughter Courtney recently illustrated a book for an author
aimed at the pre-school crowd.
It is called, 'The EloraPhant'
about a little girl who turns into an elephant.
I think her illustrations are darling.
It is available on Amazon.

And my Coryn and her husband are experiencing the great 'snowpacalypse' back East.