Thursday, December 29, 2016

December Random Highlights

 The greatest delight for me this season was to have our entire family together.

And here was something we added to our new traditions list.
Attending the Utah Symphony's performance of the entire score of
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
which they played live along with the movie.
It was fantastic!
It was so amazing that at times I totally forgot the symphony was actually playing live.
I hope they will do more future performances like this.
Such fun!

We introduced Coryn and Caitlyn to Chomburger. 
One of our newest cool eateries in downtown Provo.
(Sad that Courtney missed while she was at work that day.)

 Finn wrapped in the afghan I made him.

And my newest 'pretend' grandbaby arrived a few weeks early!
His mother went into labor and since her own mother was unable to drive down from Idaho
because of a serious snowstorm, we were called into action (plan B).
Courtney and I went over to get the older children ready for bed 
while their parents headed to the hospital. 
All very exciting.

My Cammy meeting little Finn for the first time.
(Check out the 'side-eye' look he's giving her.)

A few days after he was born we got the chance to snuggle him at our home
while his mom and grandma did some last minute Christmas shopping.
Here is my husband holding him while I did some Christmas wrapping.
There is nothing like the feeling of peace a newborn child brings.
Photo of Princess Cora the morning we got the children fed, dressed and ready
 to go to the hospital to meet their new brother.
 And now she is no longer the baby, but a big sister.
 Fun serendipity moment for me!
Dallas Clayton, a favorite children's book author/illustrator came to Provo!
I've been an admirer for a long time.
So great to finally meet and talk with him.
Such a kind human.
He spreads a message of JOY throughout the world with his murals.
Local company Chatbooks had commissioned Dallas to come to town.
It was fabulous to watch him paint joined by children and their families.
As each child would come forward he would hand them the paint roller
and then ask them to close their eyes and think of someone they loved
and then he would tell them to paint that love onto the wall.
It was a cold day and he told me that his Los Angeles acclimated body was feeling it.
But he was thrilled to be in Utah during the beautiful winter.

Here is the finished product after four hours.
This is located on the parking garage where our original
Rooftop Concert Series began.

My girls had to model their 'winter onesies' in the new fallen snow.
Always a party having them home under one roof.

 And, of course, we love having our son-in-law here with his lovely wife:)

We loved visiting the Minverva Teichert show at the BYU Museum of Art.
I highly recommend.
It will be showing into April 2017.
Coryn and I have always adored her exquisite art and life.

I loved getting to play the beautiful Christmas hymns on the organ in the temple this month 
as well as getting to spend some time here with some of our family.

(Some Christmas photos in my next post.)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Playing Hooky at Balboa Park

 My husband had been going non-stop all week attending meetings
and on the last full day of the conference he realized some of the afternoon workshops
would not benefit him and so he surprised me by saying he was going to skip out and
spend the day with me.
So we headed off to Balboa Park having figured out the Uber system on
on Sunday when we needed to get to church.
Our daughter Coryn told me how to set up the app before our trip
and we were so impressed with how easy, efficient, low-cost and fun it was.
We met some really interesting and kind drivers and had some great conversations.

Balboa Park is just gorgeous!
I sincerely wish we'd had more time to spend there.
So much to see and experience.
I truly enjoy visiting museums and so this was right up my alley.
It is home to 15 major museums, the famous Old Globe Theatre,
beautiful gardens, and the San Diego Zoo.

 The Botanical Building was very cool.

 Check out the facade and architecture!

 Being a theatre geek I totally wish we could have seen a play.
Next time, for sure!

 The Memorial Rose Garden was stunning!
Unbelievable colors and varieties and scents.

 The Return of the Prodical Son
IL Guercino (1591-1666)

The Timkin Museum of Art housed some well-known pieces.

 Madonna and Child with Saint Elizabeth, the infant Saint John, and Saint Catherine
Paolo Caliari (1528-1588)

 Portrait of a Lady in a Green Dress
Bartolomeo Veneto (1502-1531)

There must have been something in the water.
My husband and I found our spirit animals and captured the moment in this photo.

 We loved our time in the Museum of Photographic Arts.
There was a terrific exhibit of photography of animals by local students K-12
I was blown away by the talent of these young photographers.

To finish off our day we ubered over to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.
We both have enjoyed visits to this famous venue in other cities we have visited.
The food is always so delicious.
Fun to see all the memorabilia from famous musicians and enjoy the ambiance.
Our server Shelia, was a hoot and such a fun character, with flaming pink hair
and a personality to match.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Some Special Spots in San Diego

While my husband was in meetings, 
I got to spend the entire Saturday with my daughter Caitlyn, 
who had the day off and was able to come down from Los Angeles
with her boyfriend Jeremy, who was kind enough to be our chauffeur for the day.
Our first stop was the gorgeous LDS San Diego Temple (in LaJolla).
We had not been there since our girls were quite little.
The sight of of this magnificent House of the Lord took my breath away.
Back in 1993 we were able to take our three oldest girls to the open house
of this temple before it was dedicated.

We enjoyed spending some of the morning there.
We observed several Young Adults working on the grounds preparing 
the decorations and nativity scenes as well as  
hanging the lights for the Christmas season.
Around lunch time we headed to a nearby plaza to stop by
Trader Joes for a few goodies
and then ate a delicious lunch of gyros
at a yummy Greek eatery.
 Afterwards we hopped back on the freeway and headed towards Old Town.
This little San Diego Historic Village is always worth a visit.

Old Town had just wrapped up their Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations.
There were still a few festive decorations to see.
 My companions for the day.

 It was wonderful to see the lovely Mormon Battalion Historic Site.
The building and grounds have been renovated and remodeled since we last visited.
Some delightful sister missionaries led us through a fun and informative interactive tour.
Quite an amazing (and little known) history of this battalion.
I highly recommend a stop here if you visit Old Town.

 We wrapped up our day by picking up my husband after his meetings
and driving out to lovely Seaport Village.
The weather was so nice with a light breeze. 
The views across the bay were fantastic and it was neat to see the navy ships
and over towards Coronado Island.
Our delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory concluded a great day together.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Scenic San Diego Harbor Island

 On Election Day I hopped a plane with my husband
to tag along with him for a conference he was attending.
When I saw our view I knew this is just where I needed to be
for some peace away from the present political poison.
I felt spoiled from the get-go!

 The views from our balcony were amazing and the sky was ever-changing.

 There is something soothing and therapeutic about being near water.

 And the year-round blooms.
I wanted to bottle up the perfect weather and take it home with me.
(When we came home 9 days later we were greeted by snow...)

More to come...