Monday, November 2, 2015

George & Martha's Place

 This Colonial Gent told Coryn that "a lady always stands on the right."

On Saturday, Coryn took us on a lovely autumn drive out to Mount Vernon.
So many trees in various stages of color.
There was a bit of chill in the air.

 (photo by Coryn)

The land on which Mount Vernon sits was owned by the Washington family
back to George's great-grandfather in 1674.
The mansion was constructed in stages
between 1758-1778.
 This is the garden house.
 Stunning foliage.

 My eyes were happy because of my passion for purple.
There was a lot of it in various forms.

 As we entered the mansion, we got our first glimpse of the Potomac.

 (Photo by Coryn)

On the back porch there were rocking chairs welcoming all to sit awhile and take in the view.
 And what a view!!

 Sisters by the Potomac.
 Gorgeous stained glass in the education center.

(I pretty much fell in love with George Washington during my visit.)
 Following George Washington's death in 1799 under the ownership of several generations
of the family, the estate progressively declined.
In 1858 it was saved from ruin by
The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association
who recognized its historical significance.
(Hooray for the women!)
This philanthropic organization restored it to its former beauty.
It is open every day of the year.
George and his beloved Martha are buried there.

 (Photo by Coryn)

At the conclusion of our day we headed over to Gallaudet University.
Coryn wanted to show the campus to Cammy who is presently studying ASL and is very proficient at it.
All of her sisters studied it as well (Courtney did also at the university level).
Gallaudet is a private university and world leader in liberal education and career development
for deaf and hard of hearing students.
Cammy wanted to take this photo for her ASL teacher who is deaf and who was excited 
to know that Cammy would see this famous place.
 These colorful row houses were across the street from the University.

We wrapped up our day as the sun was setting with a visit to Union Market.
It is an indoor farmers market with beautiful selections of produce and food.
Also some fun boutique-style shops.
A wonderful day was had by all.

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