Saturday, October 31, 2015

Smithsonian Specials

The following day Coryn had to be at her university job.
So we hopped on the Metro and headed to some wonderful museums.
A must see on my list was the National Portrait Gallery.
I loved it and we could have stayed all day.
(Gorgeous stained glass window on 2nd floor.)
 Beautiful ceiling on the 2nd floor.
I was struck by all the intricate details in the architecture.

 We were greeted by The Man himself as we entered the President's Portraits wing.
Cammy, who is taking United States history this year found this gallery timely.
 We all really liked this newer gallery which highlights Civil Rights.
(Cammy said it was her favorite.)
I really liked this artistic interpretation of Rosa Parks.
There were many powerful statements presented through the medium of art.

 And how about this giant jack?
The sculpture gallery was fascinating.

 Here is my attempt at an artistic shot.
Looking down on the courtyard from the 2nd level.
 Legendary actress Katharine Hepburn and her gold.
The Modern American Gallery was fun.
Americans from all walks of fame from inventors, educators,
politicians to writers, artists, fashion designers and singers.
I believe it is a rotating gallery.
The original Sunstone from the Nauvoo Temple was one of the most expensive
purchases every made by a Smithsonian Museum. 
Wonderful to see it in person at 
The Museum of American History.
This was a fun museum, and quite popular judging by the amount of people in line,
including many school children.
We saw many memorable things including Julia Child's actual kitchen
 and Dorothy's ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz, as well as
the original 1812 Star Spangled Banner which inspired Francis Scott Key 
to write our national anthem.
It was huge and beautiful.

 And of course, Courtney, a huge fan of genius Jim Henson,
was thrilled to see Kermit!

We took a leisurely stroll through the National Gallery of Art Garden,
which boasts a large ice skating rink in the center.
(I'm guessing Coryn and her husband will give that a go this winter.)

Our last stop for the day was at the National Museum of Natural History.
For those who know my Courtney, this is one of her heavens.
Animals and bones and bugs and dinosaurs.
Cammy and I sat this one out.
(My feet and legs were killing me...haha!)
Yes, Courtney if given the opportunity would have spent much of the trip here.
She did say, however, that one of the best natural history museums in her opinion
is still the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

Next post:
George Washington's Mount Vernon

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

George, you have a lovely place.

Courtney, Cammy and I hopped on a plane a few weeks ago and flew out
 for a short few days to visit Coryn.
 Her husband was involved in medical training that took him away and so we decided to have a big girl's sleepover and visit the sites. 
So much to see. So little time. Here is my photo retrospective:

 Paying our respects to Brother Brigham in the Hall of Statues.

We kicked off our day by visiting The Capitol in the heart of Washington DC.
A bit of serendipity:
We were given a wonderful personal 2 hour tour by a young man named Lincoln
who was born and raised in our nation's capital. 
 The dome of the capitol is being reinforced and is surrounded by scaffolding.

 The Hall of Columns.

 Magnificent chandelier near the old Senate chambers.

 A shout-out to Utah and Promontory Point.

 This art piece is on the ceiling directly under the dome.
The draping is protecting it from all of the construction happening.

 I love this bust of President Abraham Lincoln.
One of my heroes.

As we concluded the tour we stopped in front of the 9-11 Memorial,
a tribute to those brave souls who lost their lives in Pennsylvania
while stopping the terrorists who were taking the plane to hit the Capitol.
A elderly woman who was working at the desk nearby
came over to us and began to share with us the stories of each of the individual names
engraved on the memorial.
She told us that she was working that fateful day in the Capitol
when they were notified to evacuate. 
She described to us what happened and an image she will always remember:
Hundreds of shoes on the Capitol steps (most were women's heals or sandels)
that were left behind as people took them off so they could run.
She expressed great reverence for those individuals who had sacrificed their own lives
to protect the lives of those within the Capitol that day.
We were all choked up after hearing her words.

 The Supreme Court.
(photo by Cammy) 
We took a long walk though charming Georgetown.

 The National Mall was stunning at night.

 This was on my list of  'must sees.'
I love Abe.

 The National Gallery of Art is a gorgeous museum.
One of the finest in the world.
I could have spent days in there.
Since we were limited on time, we did try to see some of my favorites.

Next post, some terrific Smithsonian Museums.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Awkward Engagement Photo

32 years ago this past week I married this fine man.
I get a chuckle out of this photo as it appears that my 'husband-to-be' looks trapped.
Actually, he just didn't smile much in photos back then, or so he says.
Perhaps he thought it presented a more 'manly' persona...I don't know.
Anyway, I promise he was happy to marry me and he has always treated me like a queen.
I am blessed.
(...and a bit spoiled.)