Monday, September 21, 2015

Tabernacle Temple

I couldn't resist doing my photo in black & white.
The old is made new again.

"I will return, and will build again the tabernacle...which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up: That the residue of men might seek after the Lord."
~Acts 15:16-17


I have been choosing different locations for my morning walks.
Rock Canyon is beautiful just before sunrise.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Night for the Record Books

 Kaskade surveying his audience before taking the stage.
Photo by Mark Owens
Last Friday Provo was transformed into a giant house party.
As the mayor said, "This is not your grandpa's Provo."
Kaskade, (aka Ryan Raddon) 
had returned to the city where it all started for him.

 Cammy seen here with Ryan in the greenroom.

The word is the last time Kaskade performed in Provo he had an audience of maybe six.
Numbers are not in yet, but estimates have it at between 
18,000 and 20,000 in attendance this time!
Kaskade is listed in Forbes Magazine as one of
 the highest paid DJ's in the world.
Ryan Raddon attended BYU 
before serving an LDS mission to Japan.
He later graduated from the U of U
with a degree in communications.

While a student here he began spinning the discs in his dorm room and throwing house parties
for anyone who would attend.

Fast forward 25 years and he packs stadiums around the world
 and headlines music festivals
like Coachella.
Kaskade's concerts sell out in a day.
He has been nominated for Grammy awards and is known in the music world as a talented producer.
His ninth album titled, 'Automatic'
will be released this month.

 Posters designed by Steve Vistaunet
The Rooftop Concert Series has been working to get 
Kaskade to Provo for over a year.
(In fact, our staff had to sign legal 'non-disclosure agreements'
when we learned he had agreed to come.)
He generously worked it into his intense touring schedule.
And he footed the entire bill and production costs.
While in Provo he made time to speak to students at BYU
as well as film an episode with the popular
Studio C cast at BYU-TV.
Kaskade also spearheaded a fundraising drive 
for 'Operation Underground.'

 It was great to meet Ryan along 
with his friends and family in our greenroom.
He is a soft-spoken, kind and a generous soul.
Ryan thanked me for the awesome hospitality.
He and his wife and three daughters 
make their home in Los Angeles.
Courtney, Cammy and I got the biggest kick out of 
one of Ryan's little nephews,
 who came up
to me and asked for one of our little mini-posters.
He said, "I shouldn't have any problem getting this autographed because he's my uncle!"

As always, I had the best view.
I caught this moment of my friend, photographer Justin Hackworth, surveying the scene.

 Always wear ear plugs when you are this close to a concert.

 photo credit: The Jarvie
The evening was filled with confetti, streamers, fire, 
laser lights, and multi-media images.

Just before Kaskade took the stage,
 C. Jane Kendrick, who is the visionary of
The Rooftop Concert Series, now in its 6th season,
invited our staff on stage to be cheered.
This was my photo of the crowd during that fun moment.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Or look at the blue, blue sky...

Cammy took this gorgeous photo of the 
Provo Temple on the way home from school.
It almost doesn't look real.