Friday, August 21, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Concert for the Books

  Hands down one of the best concerts the Rooftop has hosted!
Paul Jacobsen curated the show
 and handpicked some of the finest musicians in the state.
It was kind of a reunion for me to get to reunite
 with some that I hadn't seen in a few years.
We hosted about 80 band members
 and their guests in our greenroom.

 Don't let their 'rock & roll' exteriors fool you.
These are two of the kindest and most generous guys 
you could ever meet.
Branden Campbell and Tyler Glenn who make up half 
of the band NEON TREES.
They have performed world wide, been on television many times, 
in commercials, and their songs are always on the airwaves.
And yet they love to return to Provo 
where it all started for them.

 Cammy got to model one of the new shirts for social media.
I was delighted to visit with my favorite Robbie Connolly 
from the band 'Fictionist.'
His band just finished a month-long tour back east opening for NEON TREES.
(My Courtney hung all the peace signs for me.)

 And of course, the show wouldn't be complete 
without my friend, the marvelous Mindy Gledhill.
She sang "All You Need is Love."
I gifted Mindy with a couple of Care Bears
 from my 1985 collection
because she has just started  a new 1980's retro band called
 'Hive Riot' with her brother-in-law, talented pianist Dustin.
 I knew they had grown up with those iconic bears.
(They will be releasing their album this fall.)
She was so excited she ran around the room 
showing everyone the classic bears
and then had me take this photo in the lobby
 so she could post it on her social media.

 (photo credit: CJane Kendrick)

A classic moment in the concert when Brandon Robbins
 (The Moth & The Flame)
dressed in full Sgt.Pepper regalia sang
"Strawberry Fields Forever."

( photo credit: Justin Hackworth)

And how about 'My mayor's cooler than your mayor!'
Provo's own Mayor Curtis hopped on stage
 to play bass during a number!
Perhaps he's found his new calling once he leaves office
(which we hope he never does).

(photo credit: Justin Hackworth)

Every singer was well suited to their hand-picked song.
Seen here: Tessa Norman,
new to the Rooftop stage
singing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds."
The crowd was huge and it was fun to see so many different ages
having such a great time together. 
*There was even an 80-year-old grandma 
dancing and singing along!!