Monday, July 6, 2015

Top of the World Looking Down on Provo Town

Friday night was our second concert of the 2015 season
for Downtown Provo's Rooftop Concert Series.
I am back on staff and loving the experience.
NuSkin is a major sponsor and has been fantastic to work with.
Lucky me!
Security allowed me a brief ride up to the 9th floor to see the crowd
as I am usually in the green room or at the side of the stage.
I snapped this quick photo with my phone.
The Moth and The Flame were our headliners and they rocked the street.
I met them in 2012 at Rooftop and they are the nicest guys.
(In 2011, you may recall, I said Imagine Dragons would be huge.)
Well, my prediction is that TM&TF are the next big thing.
At this concert I felt the same vibes I did that night on the Rooftop with ID.
Indie Rock lovers, keep your eyes on this band!

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Mar C said...

Our eighteen year-old neighbor went to the concert. She told us at the parade the next day that she really enjoyed herself and thought it was an awesome band as well!