Monday, July 13, 2015

Old Man Knees and Girls Camp

 (Thanks for the photos Julie Woodfield)

Here's my guy with the '80-year-old-man-knees.'
Seriously, that's what the doctor told him several years ago.
He's been a candidate for knee-replacement for a long time.
That's what years of competitive sports, 
as well as constantly going one speed does to you.
Does he ever complain?

He just completed his 17th year of attending the entire week of Girls Camp.
When our oldest daughter attended her first year, he volunteered to help.
And, he just kept going. 
Being a father of four daughters, it was a given.
Chopping wood, making campfires, certification hikes, first-aid, helping direct and perform in the skits,
giving blessings, heavy-lifting, loading, cleaning-up, teaching, counseling, etc.
And every year after arriving home he reports it as a great experience.
We were thinking this might be his last year of attending.
Apparently not.


Cookie Doe said...

Looking forward to at least 5 more as Bishop! :) We LOVE Brother Cope at camp!!!

Julie said...

He is such a great man.

Who Is Courtney? said...

He and my dad do have that in common! Get the surgery already you two! We know you're tough! ha.