Friday, June 19, 2015

Shipwreck Near Goat Island on Oahu

 I'm guessing this is not a common sight on a Hawaiian beach.
One of the days we were in Hawaii a 55-foot sailing boat
slammed onto a reef and got destroyed.
The coast guard got stuck trying to rescue the people 
and then helicopters were sent in.
We heard them throughout the night.
Thankfully all were rescued and taken
 by ambulance to the local hospital.
 The following morning the once pristine beach 
was filled with wreckage.
The ocean continued to relentlessly spit the debris onto the shore
 as if to say,
"Respect me. I don't want your junk."

I went out for awhile and helped some neighboring beach renters
gather and throw the trash higher up towards the beach houses 
away from the continuous tides.
I found some interesting items:
Benadryl pills, a tube of denture fixative, nicotine patches,
a golf club, an empty yogurt container.

 This was a reminder to me about the power of the ocean.
She can be calm, tranquil, inviting.
But also turbulent, dangerous and scary.
Respect her.

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