Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beaches, sea turtles, blossoms and shave ice

 Of course you purchase the traditional tourist photo 
with beautiful Polynesians.

 I took this photo from the ancient temple area of 
Pu'u O Ma'huka Heiau
overlooking the stunning Waimea Bay.
 We enjoyed a day in lovely Haleiwa,
and watched the sea turtles come on shore.
The Hawaiian Sea Turtle, or Honu,
is the symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility,
and the spirit within.
 This shoreline was different than the other beaches
 with black rock everywhere.
 I had fun watching these little friends waiting for 
the sea turtles to arrive.
As you can see the little girl was wearing a princess dress.

 One of my favorite shots.
 We were advised before our trip that we absolutely had to visit
Matsumoto Joe's Shave Ice while on the island.
And those folks weren't kidding.
We may have gone back more than once:)

 On our many drives, Bill was very patient with me 
as I kept asking him to stop the car and pull over
so I could get photos of all the amazing blossoms
 on the side of the road.

And yes, we also stopped to take home a piece of the famous pie!


Mar C said...

Your camera takes awesome photo's! I really need to make it a goal to go to paradise someday.

Cookie Doe said...

Hey, I love that pie and I may or may not have an awesome copy cat recipe. :)

Who Is Courtney? said...

Loved all of these beautiful posts on Hawaii. Great photos. No one could deserve that trip more than you two!