Saturday, May 23, 2015

Polynesian Cultural Center

 The Polynesian Cultural Center was born in 1963
as an extension and focal point of BYU-Hawaii.
I have been hearing about it for most of my life.
What a thrill to finally get to go there.
It is everything I had heard and more!

 My husband was in charge of this year's university conference for technology
which is held every four years on the BYU-Hawaii campus. 
He has been a few times over the years and it has never worked for me to tag along.
But this year, the stars aligned.

A new addition to the PCC.
This is Joseph Kekuku, the inventor of the steel guitar.
The statue was done by sculptor Leroy Transfield,
a BYU-Hawaii alum. It was unveiled on April 27th of this year.
Kekuku, born and raised in Laie, was a huge influence
on country, jazz and big band music.

 Check out the guy climbing the coconut tree!
The PCC is comprised of different villages representing all of Polynesia.
My favorite village of the day was Samoa...
(Photo credit: Trip Advisor)

Mostly because of this guy:
Kap Te'o-Tafiti of Samoa.
He was amazingly talented and so very funny.
He had the entire crowd in the palm of his hand.

 I loved seeing the carved tikis.
They remind of my dad.
He was a talented wood-carver
and carved many different tikis during his lifetime.

 I also enjoyed visiting the Maori village.
My dad served a three year LDS mission to New Zealand
and I grew up hearing the stories and feeling a connection to the people.
(Isn't this a beautiful ceiling?)

 After visiting all the villages we were treated to a delightful water parade.
 This was my favorite photo I took all day.
I'll admit I was super excited for the luau.
Okay, I like food!
It was fun to see the unveiling of the kalua pork
that we would soon be eating.
Sorry Wilbur. You were delicious!!

 Bill let his sweet-tooth take over and went back for seconds at the dessert table.

 There is a new shopping village that has been added to the PCC in the past couple of years.
Several retail shops as well as food carts and other vendors.
Many of the employees are BYU-Hawaii students.
We happened upon these sisters performing a lovely hula dance at the center gazebo.

(photo credit:

The highlight of the experience was the outstanding musical production
performed in the arena theatre called "Breath of Life."
Complete with amazing fire-dancers.
It was stunning and and the perfect way to end our wonderful day!

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Mar C said...

I'm so happy that you were able to go with your hubby to such a beautiful place on earth!