Monday, May 25, 2015

Laie Hawaii Temple

 Such a lovely temple.
Bill and I enjoyed a portion of our day doing work for some 
family members we had found through Family Search.

 As we were leaving the temple we had a serendipity moment.
We ran into some former neighbors of ours who were there for their son's wedding.
They insisted we stay to witness their marriage sealing.
It was a lovely moment.

 Another wonderful serendipity moment was seeing our friends Gene and Andrea Priday.
They are serving as directors of the visitor's center.
They oversee several missionaries with a large amount of them being sisters.
Gene was the Registrar for several years at BYU when my daughters worked
in Records and Registration. 
And his sister Janet is one of our dear, long-time friends.
The world is indeed small and especially in the church family.

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Cookie Doe said...

My favorite temple. I am a little biased I know. :)