Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just a tease of vacation 'slide show'. You know you can't wait!

Departing San Diego

 A couple of weeks ago my husband and I hopped on a plane
and flew to the beautiful Island of Oahu.

This is the view I awoke to the morning after our arrival.
The backyard of our little beach house on Hukilau Beach.

Sunrise at 5:30 AM.
Who on earth would sleep through this?!

A beach to ourselves.
An introvert's paradise.

(Disclaimer: You will probably be sitting through the longest vacation slide show of your life if you stick with this blog. *My computer is dying a slow death, and it is actually my daughter's computer which she gave to us when she moved away because our former computer was doing the same thing. Time to buy a new one I know. But I will slowly but surely get these pictures downloaded. As much as we have deleted files and tried to clean up space on the hard-drive it is not allowing many downloads. So, I may have only a few photos to share a day.
And I do have many.
It was such a lovely Hawaiian holiday,
and I realize I am spoiled and fortunate to have gone 
and I'm ready to jump back on the plane and do it again.)

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