Thursday, April 23, 2015

LA...LA...LA. Whatever.

 A couple of weeks ago we packed the car
 and headed to Los Angeles
to visit Caitlyn and celebrate her 24th birthday.
Here is a pictorial tour of some of the places we hung out.

But first let me say that THIS is how I felt
after spending a week on the LA freeways:

 (My photo of 'The Vexed Man' seen at The Getty Museum of Art.)

 After we arrived we picked up Cait and headed to Old Town Pasadena for a bite to eat
at the popular Blaze Pizza. It was yummy and after the long road trip made everything all better.
 Pasadena City Hall
 The beautiful courtyard
 Inside clock tower
 I sneaked this quick photo of Cait taking her own photo of the ceiling.
 Cool sculptures of hometown boys and star athletes Jackie and Mack Robinson.
 And of course a visit to Crate and Barrel so Cammy could pose on the cool staircase.
 It was nice to visit Caitlyn's charming neighborhood and check out her digs.
 And seriously, how cool to have an orange tree in the front yard.
 This is always one of my favorite sights to see in Southern California.
Such vibrant colors in the blooms.
 The following day, Cait's boyfriend joined us and we took a trip on a tram up the hillside
to the amazing art museum known as The Getty.

 It was fabulous to see originals by Renoir, Monet, Degas and Van Gogh among others.
 The panoramic view of LA was spectacular.
 We had lunch at a fun roadside greasy spoon called 'Fat Sals' with delicious sandwich wraps.
We then visited this popular spot that Caitlyn informed us is a favorite stop for the
Young Single Adults when they visit the LA Temple.
There was a line down the street.
Custom orders of ice cream sandwiches with cookies baked on the spot
 and filled with your choice of ice cream.
Nothing was over 4 dollars on the menu.
 Threatening skies showed that rain would soon be coming down
and we headed for the beautiful Los Angeles LDS Temple.
We hadn't been there since the girls were little.
It was wonderful to visit again.
 We were greeted by the missionaries as we entered the lovely visitor's center.
Two wonderful sister missionaries gave us an hour tour.
The center had recently been remodeled with some new exhibits.

 Walking by a large wall of many faces we all noticed at the same time the handsome
young man in the middle of this grouping and almost spontaneously said "It's Sean!"
(He attended BYU's London Study Abroad the same year as our daughter Coryn and they
became great friends as did our family. Sean is actually a special education teacher at our
Cammy's high school and he is so magnetic that it seems everyone knows him.
Even the Sisters said they know him because he drops by the center whenever he visits LA.)
 The following day we visited the famous Griffith Observatory up near the Hollywood Hills.
 Great views of the city.
 The weather was pleasant and not too hot.
You could certainly see the effects of the drought everywhere we went.
 Some of those smart astronomer dudes hanging out at the spot.
 In the afternoon we visited the Santa Monica Pier.
 It was a cool and breezy day to be by the ocean.

 It was a touristy and fun spot to spend an afternoon.
 We took a drive to Hollywood.
(Not one of my favorite places, and though I've visited a few times throughout my life 
it has never won me over. No offence intended to you Hollywood lovers.)
While in Hollywood, however, it is a good idea for music lovers to visit one of the 
largest and coolest record stores: Amoeba Records. 
I have never seen so many records of all genres in my entire life in one spot!
It was fun checking out all the old vinyls from back in the day.
We celebrated Caitlyn's birthday at a really fun spot in LA of her choosing.
A classic 1949 diner called 'Brite Spot."
The food was out of this world delicious!
I had some macaroni and cheese to die for (and probably would if I ate it everyday).
The pie was heaven.
The trip was a terrific time and especially because we got to spend it with Caitlyn.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Girl Who Wanted to Do Something Big

A few months back we attended the LDS Film Festival in support of our dear friends, The Agle Family.
We so loved their family short film which was produced entirely by their family, everyone taking part in
some aspect of making the film. This short was the grand prize winner as well as the audience choice.
The Agles are a fabulous, multi-talented, kind group of people. It is a blessing to know them.

(A side note: The darling actress in the red hat was one of my former vocal students, talented Alexandra.
She has always been one of my favorite people! And this June she will marry her handsome co-star Curtis.)

*Please take 6 minutes of your day to be lifted by this joyful and lovely film. You won't regret it!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Because He Lives

My husband shared this thought with us on this Easter Day:
"The empty tomb means there is no reason for an empty life."

March Mashup

Popcorn popping 
Spring sprang..sprung...springed(?) in March this year.
It seems the blossoms in our yard were here 
3 weeks earlier than usual.

 I spied a butterfly on my phlox.

 Been spending lots of time chauffeuring this gal around.
She is taking a BYU bowling class (among other things)
for school PE credit
and realizing it is much harder than she expected.

Cammy had fun at her second State ASL Competition.
She contributed a beautiful art piece about deaf culture this year.

 Cammy and I were invited as special guests
 to climb aboard our friend,
singer Mindy Gledhill's yellow tour bus.
We had a fun evening as VIP's at her concert
 at Velour Live Music Gallery.
 Fabulous show as always.
We love Mindy!
 My lovely niece, Hannah, invited us to her Harp recital.
She was incredible and played 
some very difficult pieces so flawlessly.

 Here is a darling photo of her with that cute David Archuleta.
Hannah accompanied him last Christmas season at a performance
at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City.

 For my birthday treat, I got my hair cut 
and then went by myself to see "Cinderella."
It was beautiful! 
A lovely homage to the original Disney animated film 
of my childhood.
Did you know that Kenneth Branagh directed?

 My family treated me to a birthday dinner at Mimi's.
The food was yummy and I love being with my family.
The waitress saw Cammy and Courtney talking in ASL
and she was excited to tell them she was majoring in that subject.
So it made for a fun evening 
as she interacted on and off with the girls.

 I was extra delighted to attend J. Kirk Richard's
"Road to Emmaus: Easter Themed Works"
at the new Writ &Vision Gallery in downtown Provo.
I have been a fan of Kirk's for years.
His paintings touch my soul.
I am especially drawn to his depiction of angels.
I was gifted his new book 'This is Jesus' and he was kind enough
to sign a 'Happy Birthday' to me inside the cover.

 Well, you know I have this thing for indie bands,
and my favorite band 'Fictionist' was playing at Velour
on my birthday of course I had to go.
Manager Kaniesha and owner Corey Fox let me have my own
cushy seat to sit on so I didn't have to stand through 3 bands.
They are very kind to this old gal and her 'rock & roll' heart.
 And it was great to visit with Brittany Tolman whose new band
Mount Saint was featured that evening.
They are now based in LA though they got their start here in Provo.
Did you know that Brittany and her husband, drummer Andrew,
were original members of Imagine Dragons?
She is the female vocal you hear on their early recordings.
I met her way back then and also a few years ago at the Rooftop.
Mount Saint has a cool sound and she is terrific on vocal and keys.

 My sweet 78 year old friend, Jan,
put on a tea party just for me to celebrate my birthday.
She loves to have tea parties.
And believe me, she does them up in style.

Jan finds such delight in simple things.
She is generous of heart and a delightful gal to share conversation.

It was wonderful to end the month hearing the words and counsel 
from our leaders at the LDS General Women's Meeting. 
Much food for the soul and anticipation 
for General Conference the following week.
March was marvelous.