Sunday, March 22, 2015

The University of the Spirit

(One of the missionaries in my classroom captured this photo of me while teaching.)

One of my favorite jobs ever was when I had the opportunity to be a teacher
at the LDS Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah
while I was a student at BYU.
(It was over 30 years ago.)
It is hard to describe the experience.
For five days each week I was able to spend four hours a day
 away from the stresses of school work, roommate drama,
relationship concerns and world news.
I was able to step into a place I called
The University of the Spirit.

Being around these newly called missionaries of 
was such a blessing in my life.
Some came into my classroom very well prepared and eager to learn,
some not so much.
But each young man and young woman who came through those doors
had one thing in common:
They loved the Lord and His Gospel of Peace
and they desired to share it with others.
My cup was filled to the brim each day as I taught them and they taught me.
It became more than a job to me.
I will cherish that time forever.

If you see any of our 84,000+ missionaries serving throughout the world
please be kind to them.
They are sharing goodness on their own dime and their own time.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Here Come the Brides or How to Be a Runway Model

 California Cait blew into town like a red tornado.
Only here for a couple of days for a dental appointment
and to model for Provo Fashion Week.
 One of her friends, RaeAnne, an upcoming designer,
had asked Caitlyn to be one of her models for the Bridal Showcase.
She spent most of her Saturday with several models
in fittings, ramp rehearsal, hair and makeup.
 Provo Fashion Week has become quite the 'hip' event
over the past few years.
New and established designers have the opportunity to
showcase their designs in various categories.
Vendors of all kinds are onsite as well to show-off their wares.
Cailtyn with the designer and some of the models.
 The proceeds from the event support a select charity.
I was impressed with how professional the show was
and my husband and I had a fun time supporting Caitlyn.
She looked like a pro, lovely and poised.
And though she was wearing the highest of heals
 and feared tripping,
she did not:)

We loved having her home, if only for a few hours.