Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nature's Art

 I have certainly seen some masterpieces
on my morning walks lately.
 Sunrise looks like fire on the mountain.
It is amazing how quickly the sky can change 
within just a few minutes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Joy

This little bundle of sweetness arrived on January 19th.
Her name is Cora.
She is the 4th child and first daughter of our dear friends Ashley and Mat.
I am once again playing 'pretend granny.'
I took this photo today while I enjoyed a few hours of heaven alone with her.

This is the world-famous harpist Emmanuel Ceysson.
This handsome Frenchman has been a presence in concerts halls
around the world from the Salle Gaveau to Carnegie Hall.
He is the principal harpist for the Orchestra of the Opera National de Paris.
My friend Ashley,(Cora's mother) who is also an excellent harpist
has been working to get him here for over a year.
She is one of the heads of a non-profit organization called
Intermountain Harp Education Association.
Mr. Ceysson spent a week here teaching master classes and private lessons
at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.
My niece Hannah was one of the fortunate students to have a private lesson.

 (My photo from the front row.)

Well, lucky me!
Ashley asked me to join her at his concert at the
Museum of Fine Arts at the U of U 
only five days after she gave birth because she was
most certainly NOT going to miss this concert she had
worked so hard to see happen.
And what a concert it was!
I was hypnotized by Mr. Ceysson's virtuoso playing.
It was pure 'Harp Heaven.'

 I took this photo of Mr. Ceysson with Ashley far right and her fellow teachers who brought him here.
It was a delight to meet such a gracious and renowned artist.
He was charming and humble and he autographed my program.
I loved watching him interact with all the young harp students who obviously had stars in their eyes.

To wrap up the month my husband and I attended the English World Premiere of
The Count of Monte Cristo at Brigham Young University on January 31st.
I have been anticipating this for months!
Not only is it one of my favorite books, but the composer is one of my Broadway favorites.
(Scarlet Pimpernel, The Civil War, Jekyl & Hyde)
This was a huge compliment to BYU's Musical Theatre Department that Mr. Wildhorn
selected them to premiere his musical.
He actually auditioned the students and worked with them during the rehearsal process.
All eleven shows in the DeJong Concert Hall were sold out.
It did not disappoint.
It was incredible.
From the vocals to the staging to the orchestra.
Top notch.
(It was fun to see one of the main roles played by the guy who played
 Conrad Birdie to my Caitlyn's Kim MacAffe
 in her high school's 'Bye, Bye Birdie' several years ago.)
I floated home on a musical theatre cloud
and relived it all night in my dreams as I am prone to do.
Once you have been bitten by the theatre-bug you never recover.