Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rooftop (or rather 'Streettop' this time around)

 Photo by my talented friend Justin Hackworth

For those of you who still read my blog
you will be familiar with my association with 
The Rooftop Concert Series in Provo.
 This past Friday was the 5th Anniversary Concert.
The 'powers that be' behind this series had been working secretly
for at least 6 months to get Neon Trees to headline.
Back in 2011 when I was working my first season with the series,
Neon Trees was on deck to perform but had to regretfully back out
because of contract obligations with their record label.
(Their replacement that evening:
Imagine Dragons!
Go figure.)
Because Neon Trees had formed as a band in Provo
and basically started their fan base here,
they had always wanted to do the Rooftop.
Now a world-renowned band, it was a major coup to land them
for this concert. Logistically it was a challenge.
So when the surprise was announced only three days before the actual concert,
everything swung into high gear!

 Cammy and her friend Claire were excited.
We arrived early to stake out our spot.
As the evening wore on however, it didn't matter that we
had claimed a space.
It soon grew into one giant mosh of people.
Standing room only.

 Photo credit: Sam Schultz, owner of Sammy's, from the rooftop above.

It was an unbelievable night!
This is Center Street in Provo, Utah.
The crowds continued to swell throughout the concert.
(In fact, after the sad outcome of the BYU vs. USU football game,
Many fair-weather fans left to join this party.)
Keep in mind that my family attended the very first 
Rooftop Concert in 2010 and there were perhaps
 200 in attendance.
There has never been anything like this in Provo Town!

The openers were The Blue Aces, an all-girl band.
They have played the rooftop before.
These gals are a tight, amazing band,
formed in high school just a few years ago.
Now recent high school graduates.
Keep an eye on them.
They will go places.

 photo credit: Justin Hackworth

And of course, my FAVORITE local band:
They were the original headliners and were such good sports,
(in my opinion) to be bumped.
(It should be noted that they are good friends with Neon Trees
and there was nothing but positive love and respect going on.)
They sounded incredible singing many songs off their new album
which was released to the public that evening.

Photo of my advanced copy with a personal 'love note' for me:)
 I have blogged about this band before, so forgive the gushing.
They are meticulous musicians and wonderful, kind human beings.
I lovingly call them 'My Boys in the Band.'
They all have talented, beautiful wives
 and some have become fathers
since we first became friends.
Their new CD is fantastic and I feel they will have much success.

 I am a fan-girl at heart.
(21 years old on the inside.)
It was a treat to be invited to Fictionist's private preview party
for friends and family a few weeks ago,
hosted by our local music hot-spot Velour.
Robbie (lead guitar/vocals)
 took this silly photo with me at that event.

 Photo credit: Justin Hackworth

What can I say?
They rocked the house, or rather, the city!
Since I first heard them in 2007,
it is amazing to realize these four
returned Mormon missionaries are heard on radios stations
around the world and selling out concert venues everywhere.
It was great to hear of their love and devotion for Provo
(and Tyler Glenn made it very clear throughout their set.)

Mayor Curtis gave the band the Key to the City.
Drummer Elaine Bradley was beside herself,
 jumping around like a little girl on Christmas morning.
The energy was electric.
It was a night that will be remembered for a long time.

Blurry duo selfie.

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