Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chalk that Block

 A few weeks ago on two very hot days in September,
Cammy joined her friends and fellow artists Claire and Gaby
to participate as a team in the annual Chalk the Block
held at the Provo Riverwoods.

Professional artists from around the United States come to
present their talents.
Cammy and her friends wanted to try their hands in 
the student category.

The theme the artists were to work with was
Discovering the World.
Each of the girls did a section of the piece.
Cammy's was the center vines 
with the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben.

For first-timers I thought the girls did an excellent job!

And despite a bit of sunburn, thirst, sore knees 
and chalk in their noses and ears for days,
They had a fun experience.


M-Z-T said...

That looks great!

Cookie Doe said...

That is amazing! What talent those girls have. :)