Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sutton Sings Splendidly

 Photo credit: Me

I had the thrill of a lifetime this past Friday
 when I met and saw in concert
one of my Broadway idols
the incomparable SUTTON FOSTER!

 Photo Credit: Brenda Labit
(thanks Brenda)

Here I am meeting Sutton after the concert
and telling her that I cried off all my mascara
 during her flawless performance.
And her telling me, "Oh, but you look so beautiful!"
I brought along two of my favorite CDs
Little Women and Thoroughly Modern Millie
with the hope she would autograph them.
She did!
Sutton was so very gracious and authentic and darling.

 Photo credit: A nice stranger

My dear friend, Brenda joined me for the concert.
 It was one of those communal experiences
 that are hard to describe.
Without a doubt one of the all-time outstanding concerts I have ever attended.

 Photo credit: Wikipedia

Broadway musicals were my first love
(along with the ballet.)
I dreamed of performing on Broadway 
and even considered it briefly 
during my time at university 
when some of my professors and fellow students
were pushing me in that direction.
However, I chose another path and am happy with my choices.
But, I'll tell you, I have lived that Broadway life vicariously through Sutton Foster.

 Photo credit: Broadway World

If you are not familiar with Sutton Foster,
she has been on Broadway for 15 or so years. 
She is the only actress to be the first to create the original role on stage for 6 Broadway musicals.
She has won numerous theatre awards including
 Two Tony Awards for
Thoroughly Modern Millie and Anything Goes.

 Photo credit: Maureen

Sutton first came to my attention when she performed the role of Jo
in Little Women, the Musical.
I fell in love with her voice.
I wanted to have her voice:)
I had always hoped to hear her live.
When the Broadway tour of Little Women came through Utah
I took my daughter Caitlyn for her birthday.
(We were disappointed that Sutton was not on the tour,
but were delighted to meet and talk with Maureen McGovern
who played the original Marmie opposite Sutton.)

 Photo credit: Broadway World

A double treat for the evening was that Sutton brought along her
best friend, Megan McGinnis who had played her little sister Beth
in Little Women.
She sang a lovely solo and then two incredible duets with Sutton.
Sutton told the audience how she has fallen in love with Utah.
That very day before the concert she and Megan had hiked up Mount Timpanogos
and they were thrilled by the beauty of Provo valley.
In fact, Megan said on her Twitter that they both thought the mountains looked fake
and so they determined to hike them to see for themselves:)

Photo credit: Sesame Street, of course.

Here is a TV performance from 2002 

of Sutton performing 'Gimme,Gimme' from Millie.

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Where have I been. I've never heard of "Sutton Foster". Can't wait to learn more about her, thanks for the post.