Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rollin' along...

Been on a roller-coaster this week.

Started out by singing a duet in church with my friend Mat and his wife accompanying on harp.
'Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee.'
(As a vocal teacher I tell my students to not make excuses, but I just have to say I had a sore throat for a week previous and my singing was not up to par for me. Mat and Ashley are always stellar, so that made up the difference. I will say that the Lord sent extra blessings of the Spirit through the music and that is what it is about anyway.)

That evening Coryn's in-laws rolled into town and dinner at our home.
Entertaining is not my forte, but the meal seemed to please all.

On Tuesday I hosted our monthly Personal Progress activity for the Young Women in our ward.
We called it "P to the 4th: Personal Progress, Pajamas and Pizza." 
It was a pick-me-up to encourage the gals to keep plugging along with their goals.
By all accounts the evening was enjoyed by the majority. (See some happy faces above)
Our Young Women President (in the Dodgers shirt) gave her thumbs up!

 We've had a lot of clouds rolling in and out lately.
I have loved the rain.

On Thursday evening we rock and rolled with Kenny Loggins.
I have been a fan of his since high school and one of my first dates with my husband
was attending his concert at BYU over thirty years ago.
(We also brought along Coryn, Scott and Courtney who grew up on his music as well.)

 And let me tell you, that audience of 50 and 60-somethings were in rock and roll heaven.
Who says your mama don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll?

Kenny Loggins did not disappoint.
This 66 year old was in amazing voice and sounded as strong as he had back in the day!
It was obvious he loved the crowd and was having a great time.

 He covered many of the favorites from 'House at Pooh Corner' to 'Celebrate me Home.'
And thrilled everyone with 3 encores including Utah Country connection classic 'Footloose.'
So great to be there singing along with the 'younger generation.'
Fun, Fun, Fun!

We helped the newlyweds move out of their apartment and into our home for a couple of nights.
The medical school interviews are rolling in,
and Coryn and Scott are rolling on to the East Coast.
They left early Friday morning for their journey across the country.
We hope North Carolina will roll out the welcome mat.

Saturday morning our family rolled out of bed and drove to pick up my mom,
the birthday girl, to attend the openhouse of the Ogden Temple.
Clouds were rolling in, but it did not rain.
Another beautiful House of the Lord will soon be dedicated.
So happy we were able to go.
And now another Sunday is upon us and the roller coaster can shut down for the day
 and I rejoice in a hopeful day of rest.

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Mar C said...

That would have been a fun concert to attend. Best wishes to the graduated couple and happy birthday to grandma Fox!