Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pomp and Circumstance

Our son-in-law Scott graduated with honors this week from 
Brigham Young University.
He earned his BS in just two and a half years.
He's a pretty smart guy.

 He gave an excellent commencement address 
representing his college.

His topic:
Finding happiness in the small, quiet moments.

Scott's dad drove in from North Carolina.
His father is an OB/GYN and Scott plans to 
become a medical doctor as well.

 So proud of this young man!
He is kind, patient, humble, bright, giving, funny,
and he loves and adores our daughter.
Who could want for more?

It was wonderful to meet BYU's new president
Kevin Worthen and his lovely wife.
The university is in very competent hands
with this humble man at the helm.

  Coryn was working graduation as line-marshal for
the Masters Degree candidates.
As she entered the Marriott Center,
Scott saw her and stepped out of line to give her a quick kiss.
Everyone in the arena saw this on the jumbotron. 

Now the young couple heads off to the other side of the country
as Scott begins his medical school interviews.
A new adventure.
We will truly miss having them around.

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