Sunday, July 6, 2014

Of Family, the Fourth, Food, Festivities, and a Friendly Giant

I didn't take many photos this year of our 4th of July doings.
Suffice it to say we had a nice relaxing holiday
 in our home and out of the 100 degree heat.
We did take some time, however, to ponder and discuss
 how blessed we are to live in this great country.

 Enjoying every minute we can with this couple.
We actually had brunch on our back deck.
It was very pleasant in the morning with a slight breeze.
(We opted to pass on the big parade which we have attended at least 25 times.)

 Caitlyn had her own fun California 4th of July.
This was her delicious contribution to the 
B-B-que/swimming party she attended.
Our daughter has developed some pretty impressive 
domestic skills away from the nest.
She went with a a group of friends from her ward to watch the fireworks at the Rose Bowl.

 Court and Cammy put on their own firework show.
 The safest option in our firework restricted area.

On Saturday we attended a reunion
 with my husband's side of the family.
We hadn't seen Bill's younger brother and his wife for years
as he is a retired military veteran and they reside in Germany.
It was nice to reconnect.

Had to throw in a photo of Cammy and her birthday brownie cake.
(Cammy was actually due to be born on the 4th of July,
however it became necessary to deliver her on June 29th.
And we are so grateful she arrived safely.)

 A couple of weeks ago we attended a play at BYU.
"The Selfish Giant" based on the lovely children's book
by Oscar Wilde.
There were lots of children in attendance.
(This is our little friend Gabe meeting The Giant.
We happened to run into his family and I captured this moment.)

Did I mention there were a lot of children present?
Court took some puppetry classes while at BYU and was excited
to see the amazing puppets that the Reeds had created for this play.
In fact, her storytelling professor, Teresa Love Dayley, adapted and directed the play.

The production was beautifully done.
It was wonderful to see the teamwork of the puppeteers
so skillfully animate The Giant's movements.
The Giant's voice was acted by Professor David Morgan,
 a fellow actor from my undergrad days.
I loved watching him move in tandem with all the puppeteers
as he 'became' The Giant. 
During the play I forgot he was a puppet.
If you have not read the picture book,
I highly recommend. 
It is a touching allegory about Jesus.

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Ashleey Rayback said...

It's hard to tell who the bigger kids are--Gabe or Court and Cammy. :)