Monday, June 9, 2014

Mr. Mayor

Photo: Coryn
Bill and I just hangin' with the Mayor.

Not to be a 'name-dropper' or anything:)
But seriously, anyone who knows our Mayor wants to tell the world.
And the world is finding out about Mayor Curtis and our remarkable city of Provo.

Mayor John Curtis is truly a 'real' person.
Down-to-earth and sincere.
He has brought some wonderful energy and excitement to our city.
How many mayors do you know
 who really get out on a regular basis
and rub shoulders with their citizens?
(He is doing it all the time.)
And, how many mayors really LISTEN to their citizen's concerns and ideas?

I had some great conversations with Mayor Curtis
 during my work with
The Provo Rooftop Concert Series.
I really don't believe this great summertime attraction
 would have become
as successful as it has without his support.
It has grown leaps and bounds from it's first season!
Truly the hot spot to be on the first Friday of each month.
And, in a University town it is important to 
reach out to the students.

I hope he serves for a long time
because we are in good hands with this guy.


Mason said...

Every time you post something you have a tremendous power to make me smile. I love you and your blog.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Thanks Mason! Coming from YOU that means a lot. Love you too:)