Saturday, June 14, 2014

Daddy's Girl

Thinking of my dad this weekend.
He was a wonderful father.
He taught me many good life lessons.
Some that I continue to work on such as:
Don't get caught up in being too busy. Busy is overrated.
Stop worrying about what other's think of you. Just be your best you and be happy.
Compete with yourself, not others.
Take time to look around you and enjoy God's handiwork.
Make more quiet time in your day.
Write a handwritten letter or thank-you note to someone regularly.
Be an 'appreciator of life.'
Thanks Dad!

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Mar C said...

How I miss the blue skies of Southern Utah. What a great trip! I really liked the photo of your grandparents former home. Lace curtains and a light green bay window, way cool. I don't miss scrapbooking, blogging seems way easier and more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!