Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A week of Young Women accomplishments and Cammy accomplishments...

Cammy being introduced and spotlighted by her father.

 It has been a wonderful, rewarding and tiring week.
I was in charge of putting together our annual Nobility Night 
which honors the Young Women who have earned their
Young Womanhood Recognition Award 
during the past school year.
(The awards were presented to each girl individually during the year in a Sacrament Meeting.)

 The Laurel class singing a special number for the program.
(4 of this group had received their awards last year.)

The Young Woman Medallion is presented to a Young Woman after she completes
a rigorous course of Personal Progress goals in each of 8 values:
Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth,
Knowledge, Choice and Accountablity,
Good Works, Integrity, Virtue.
It is no easy task and comparable to the
Eagle Scout Award.
My daughter Coryn took these headshots as a gift for each girl.
(They were framed and displayed on the front table.)

 I am so very proud of these talented 
and hardworking young women!
It was a blessing for me to get to know each of them 
when I served as
their Mia Maid (14-16 year olds) Adviser. 
After being released from that calling and
 serving in Primary for a year,
I was called back to serve as Personal Progress Leader.
Such a treat for me to work with each of them again as they headed towards the finish line as Laurels.
(Cammy is a Mia Maid.)

Cammy was selected by her ASL teacher
to represent her class at the American Sign Language 
State competition.
She had a few weeks notice to write an original story
and present it in ASL for judging and critique.

 I love their logo: "Battle of the Hands."

 At 6:30 am on Saturday morning Cammy headed to
 Tooele High School along with
 fellow ASL students from Timpview High and Provo High.

 She had fun getting to know new friends better.
The entire day the students were required to 'voice off'
which means no talking and strictly communicating by ASL.
Cammy said it was a 'peaceful' day and she loved every minute.

Cammy felt great about her preparation, practice and presentation.
She was excited that she made her deaf judge laugh at her story.
She has developed a passion for the Deaf Culture
and plans to continue taking the ASL classes each year.

Cammy has been working feverishly to 
complete this ink and watercolor piece
for her Honors Art class to present in the Spring Student Showcase.
This is something completely new for Cammy
 and not her usual style or medium.
I love it!
It is her interpretation of a photo I took last fall of a street 
in Hampstead Heath, London.
We are excited to see all of the student pieces this week.


Julie said...

Such a great post full of wonderful accomplishments! I really love all those head shots.

Mar C said...

Coryn takes great photo's. Congrats to Cammy, such talented, beautiful, daughters!