Sunday, April 27, 2014

While some of us work...some of us play

The view from my back deck.
Before you say, "Oh look at all that lush green foliage!"
Look again. 
Out of control weeds.
My least favorite part of Spring.
It has been on our list to tackle for weeks.
In fact this particular weekend it was the plan until the rains arrived.
I have said before that the reason we installed our tall fence around our yard
was to be kind to our neighbors so they wouldn't have to look upon our jungle.

 My superman husband, who refers to himself as "The Help,"
spent his Friday painting our kitchen. 
This after doing the grocery shopping, 5 loads of laundry 
and attending some work meetings.
Yes, I am spoiled.

After our contribution to the Saturday chores, Court and I decided to
brave the torrential rains and drive over to the Fleattitude Flea Market.
I have always enjoyed visiting antique stores and vintage vendors.
 I love the feeling of nostalgia that sweeps over me when I see certain items.

This particular market was set up in the old Pleasant Grove Rec Center.
My friend, Mindy Gledhill is a huge vintage thrift-market specialist.
She had recommended this one as she knew some favorite vendors participating.
As a singer she is always on the lookout for stage props and clothing for her concerts.

 There were treasures of every kind.

 Look at this very old tricycle.

 While we braved the rains and the cold here,
the newlyweds headed off on a fun get-away to beautiful Oregon.
They were celebrating Scott's finishing his semester and MCAT test.

 They went to the beautiful Portland Temple.

The last time Coryn was there
this was her reaction.

She did, however, find an old friend at Cannon Beach.

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Mar C said...

Your weeds look very green and healthy!