Sunday, March 30, 2014

"We must stop concentrating on our differences and look for what we have in common."

 Court, Coryn, Cammy and I enjoyed attending the
 LDS General Women's Meeting on Saturday evening.
(We certainly missed our 'California Cait' though.)

(Rosemary M. Wixom via Deseret Book)

It was wonderful to see all the different generations of sisters together.
A tender spirit filled the meeting from the music to the talks to the colors.
I especially enjoyed the talk by General Young Women's President Bonnie L. Oscarson:

“The adversary would have us be critical or judgmental of one another,” she said. “He wants us to concentrate on our differences and compare ourselves to one another. ...
“We as women can be particularly hard on ourselves. When we compare ourselves to one another, we will always feel inadequate or resentful of others. …We just need to relax and rejoice in our divine differences. We need to realize that we all desire to serve in the kingdom using our unique talents and gifts in our own ways. Then we can enjoy our sisterhood, our associations and begin to serve....
“We have so much to learn from one another and we often let self-imposed barriers keep us from enjoying associations which could be among our greatest blessings in our lives.”

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Singing Sabbatical

With 'Sweet Sasha' after a Spring Vocal Recital a few years ago.

A lovely former vocal student sent me this photo today
along with some kind birthday greetings.
It gave me a slight pang of missing my life as a vocal teacher/coach.
But then I quickly came back to the reality that I am tired and a little burned out.
I have been teaching for over twenty years and truly love what I do.
But this past year I came to the realization that I was merely going through the motions.
When that happens to any teacher it is time for a break.
Time to rejuvenate, evaluate, and 'sharpen the saw.'
It is never fair to a student for a teacher to be on remote control.
So last fall I stopped teaching for the time being and I plan to re-energize,
take some workshops to improve my skills, and  wait to see if the fire reignites.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


At Newport Beach
California Cait and her best friend Becca
finally got to see each other after almost 19 months apart.
 Becca just returned from serving a full-time mission 
in Seoul, South Korea
for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

 Over the past several months or so I have been going on a journey of sorts.
I have been trying to overcome things that I have struggled with for a long time.
Nothing dramatic really.
Just the need to find more peace with myself as a person.
For most of my life I have been what some would call 'a pleaser.'
Never ruffle any feathers, always make sure everyone is happy, don't rock the boat...
It is exhausting. 
In a matter of speaking, I haven't known how to get off the treadmill.
Of course, I always believe that the ultimate strength and help is found in 
The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
But even our Savior has told us to
 "seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom..." (Doctrine and Covenants 88:118)
So this is what I have done and I have found some very useful knowledge.
This is one of the books that has helped me:

 I highly recommend this read if you are also searching for authenticity and peace with yourself.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Anniversary Photoshoot

Coryn gifted us with a photoshoot for our 30th anniversary
which we celebrated last fall.
She hired the talented Emily Susan Kim of
(and presently a student of our friend Justin Hackworth.)
On a crisp Saturday morning a few weeks ago we drove out to the lake.
As I've said before, I do not like having my photo taken.
But Emily made it fun and put us at ease and I think they turned out well.

I think in this photo we are either laughing with or at our new son-in-law.
Thanks Coryn. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Five days of events and now I'm tired...

 Court treated me to National Theatre Live's One Night Only Event
of War Horse broadcast to cinemas world-wide on February 27th.
On our two glorious trips to London we never managed to get tickets.
This was almost as good as being there.
In fact, at times throughout the play I completely forgot I was watching on a screen.
It was magnificent!

On Friday night Court spoiled our family
by taking us to see this masterpiece.
We love animator Miyazaki's gorgeous films.
This will be his last film as the 73 year old is retiring.
No disrespect to 'Frozen' which I very much enjoyed,
but this film should have won the Oscar.
Court, our BFA Animation graduate, can tell you the incredible talent and skill
that goes into a full-length hand-drawn film like this.
Pure, magical 2-D brilliance!

On Saturday my husband and I drove to beautiful Sanpete County
to spend the day at the Manti Temple with our Young Single Adult Ward.
We pulled over so I could take this photo.

photo: Geoff Nelson
 This is one terrific group of smart, talented, kind, service-oriented, testimony-filled people.
It was a glorious day.

Sunday was filled with church meetings and family.
The sky was particularly splendid so I took this shot from the church parking lot.

Our Sunday dinner celebrated our new son-in-law's birthday.
He loved the cake I made for him:)
Not too pretty, but I made it from scratch and it tasted good.

(photo stolen from Coryn's celebration for Scott)
And we extended the celebration into Monday evening.
(Doesn't he look like a young Paul McCartney?)