Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wedding Photos Sneak Peak

Justin Hackworth Photography

Stay Tuned.


Larry said...


So long! I ran into a picture of you and Trey and Anne Hall on Robbi's artist wife site and she included a link. So glad I followed it!

Love the pictures of the wedding. Our second born (son) is getting married Mar. 1 in SLC. Michelle and I are now grandparents as of 4 months ago. No. I know what you are thinking. His older sister.

Love you lots! And I knew about your introvert tendencies.... but chose to ignore them!

All the best.

Larry Hawker

Treble Clef ♪ said...

You made my day:) Thanks for commenting. Robbie and I are going to lunch this week and you frequently come up in our remembrances of our great college times. You will always be my dear friend and brother! Neat news about your family, Grandpa:) I still haven't caved into Facebook (though I tweet and instagram.) Please give your email to Robbie so I can drop you a note. Give my best to Michelle and I love you too.