Friday, January 10, 2014

"There are places I remember..."

 On our first trip to London we didn't do the Abbey Road thing.
But we decided since it is the 50th anniversary
 of The Beatles arrival in America, we really had to do it.
I actually remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show as a child.

 We chose not to risk our lives by doing the popular walk.
Too much traffic:)

 There is really not much to the place.
But obviously an iconic spot
and heavily visited by fans and tourists.

The famous studio. Still a working studio.
We saw people coming and going.
Apparently Sir Paul McCartney still records there.

 All up and down the block were graffiti writings by fans from all over the world.

 Corner building by the famous street.

 To prove I was there:)

 Saw this cool townhouse while walking the area.

 And we walked a few blocks to see Sir Paul's home.
This is actually his home in a quiet little neighborhood.
The gates were open and we should have 
invited ourselves to tea.

 On another day, Court and I ventured here.

 Authentic memorabilia of all kinds.


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