Friday, January 3, 2014

More London at Hyde Park

 By the Serpintine in Hyde Park.
A darling gal saw us trying to take a photo
 with the outstretched arm technique and offered to take it for us.

 This is pretty much the view we had while strolling the park:)
Since Coryn knew the place well she wanted to make sure we covered
all the ground and didn't miss a thing.
(And, I walk pretty slowly with my short chubby legs...)

 Coryn looking at her dream cottage.

 Beautiful fall colors on an archway.

 Not quite sure what this building was used for
unless it was a caretaker's place.

 The gardens were gorgeous and peaceful in the autumn.

 Court caught this cool photo.

 I was so excited to see the Peter Pan statue I'd heard about.
There was an enclosed park where only children with their parents
 are allowed to go inside called, "Peter Pan Park."
Perhaps we should have tried though as my girls are often
mistaken for being quite a bit younger:)
We glimpsed the top of a Captain Hook's pirate ship,
but that's all we could see.

Okay, let me take a moment to brag.
Yes, I took this awesome photo!
Isn't that a serendipity moment?
Do you think I could win a photography contest??

On our way out of the park I saw this neat view.
I love the architecture.
It was a most pleasant morning.


Cookie Doe said...

For sure you could win a photo contest! Gorgeous.

Mar C said...

That bird photo is amazing! Some day I hope to go to England. If not I’ll continue to enjoy your blog about all your adventures. Thanks for sharing.