Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shopping and Eating in London

London has fantastic shopping spots.
Of course, most of our shopping excursions
 were simply the look-don't-buy type.

 Photo Court.
Oxford Street. The grand shopping district.
Every store you can possibly imagine.

Amazing Harrods.
Puppies for sale on the top floor!

Selfridge and Company's Christmas Store

NFL promotion on Regents Street.

When I was in college my roommate Robbie and I worked at a 
department store called Castletons.
The Lacoste brand was popular back in the day.
Polo shirts with a little alligator.
We both really wanted to have one of these shirts (or two) in our wardrobe.
The women's shirts were a bit too expensive for a poor college student.
So we both decided to buy them in the little boys department.
Haha. Two of my favorite shirts I wore for several years.
We were so hip:)

Covent Garden.
Our favorite shopping location.

Coryn says TinTin is a popular comic book in Belgium.

Many treat places at the garden.

Scrumptious Ben's Cookies

Of course we calendered our trip around Chocolate Week:)

Stopped at Scoops for some delicious gelato.

Pizza in London?
If it is Pizza Express.
And we had it not once, but three different times.

Court REALLY loves pizza.

Don't judge.
After hiking at least 10 miles uphill in the rain,
you bet I'm eating all that pizza:)

Court took this photo of her breakfast one morning.
This was our typical breakfast each morning at our B & B.
Eggs cooked to order, beans, bacon (which is really ham), sausage,
beans, a variety of cereals, fruit, yogurt, juices, herbal teas.
Best way to fuel up for the day with all that protein.
We would generally grab some fruit and a sandwich at a market for lunch
and then splurge on a few dinners here and there like Thai food or Cornish Pasties.
And of course, it was not beneath us to eat at the Golden Arches a time or two.

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