Saturday, December 7, 2013

Many Marvelous Museums in London Town

 My favorite museum is the Victoria and Albert.
I could stay at the V & A all day. (Hey...that rhymed.)

 It is a majestic building.

 Though I have been inside at least 4 different times
I have never seen all of it.

 I love the exquisite sculptures.

 They had an interesting exhibit on furniture styles
through the different eras.

 One section I really like is the Theatrical Arts.

 When we visited the first week there was an exhibit
 "under construction"
and we had no idea what it was to be.
When we returned a week later it was unveiled as 'War Horse,'
the properties, puppets and costumes from the
 National Theatre production.

 There was also a very fun exhibit of art from a
 children's picture book
titled 'Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day.'

 The book is about Clara's adventures in the V & A Museum.
The author, Amy de la Haye, 
was a former Curator of 20th century fashion at the museum.

 We ate a delicious lunch at the fabulous cafeteria.

 A little hidden gem hidden behind Oxford Street 
is the Wallace Collection.

This gorgeous mansion holds a world famous range
  of fine and decorative arts from the 15th to the 19th centuries
 with large holdings of French 18th-century paintings and furniture.

 There were rooms in every color.
Of course, I loved the purple room.

 And check out this pink room.

 Another angel photo.

 I actually giggled out loud when I saw this painting.
I remember studying it in college humanities class.
'The Swing' by Jean-Honore Fragonard (1767)
It really is a 'silly' painting if you look at it closely.

 The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square is magnificent.
It houses some of the most famous paintings in the world
Some scenes were filmed there in the recent 'Day of the Doctor'
movie celebrating 50th anniversary of BBc's Doctor Who
This gallery always seems to be buzzing with people.

 Just around the corner is The National Portrait Gallery.
This gallery is unique in that it houses only paintings 
which are portraits.
 Here was Court's heaven.
Dinosaur Heaven.
London's Natural History Museum.

 It was packed with families.
Excited children everywhere.
I felt like I was on a school field trip.
Memories of taking our girls to Dinosaur Land.

 Dippy the Diplodocus.
He glows in the dark.

 If you look real closely you can see that these are birds.
Dead birds to be correct.
It was quite a colorful display and rather mesmerizing.

 In Covent Garden we visited this museum.
Being the film lover that I am it was a 'must do.'

 It was fantastic to walk through the history of British film.
This is the costume Sir Laurence Olivier wore in
 'The Battle of Britain.'

 These dolls were kind of creepy.

This about sums it up.


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