Monday, November 4, 2013

Does it get any better than listening to a tall-tale from Neil Gaiman in October in London?

 We literally sat at the feet of brilliant writer and storyteller
 Neil Gaiman.
Twelve rows back front and center.
Court treated us to this special evening
 to listen to one of her favorite authors.
If the name doesn't sound familiar
perhaps some of his books might:
 Made into an animated movie.
 Made into a movie with Charlie Cox, Claire Danes
Michelle Pyfer and Robert DeNiro.
 Newbery Award Winner
And a past favorite from our book group,
The Graveyard Book.
 Recent children's picture book.
 The event was titled: An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Friends.
It was held in this magnificent Methodist Central Hall Westminster.

 Mr. Gaiman was touring to promote his new book
'Fortunately the Milk.'
This evening was to be the only time he would read
 the entire book before an audience.
Lucky us!

 It was extra special because the incredible illustrator
of the book, Chris Riddell, was present to draw his pictures
(which were shown on an overhead projector)
on the spot as Mr. Gaiman read the book.
 The evening started with some of Mr. Gaiman's
 talented friends, actors and singers from London
who came out to warm-up the audience.
 These actors added character voices to make the tale come alive.
Such a delightful story.
I could have listened to Mr. Gaiman's melodic and expressive voice all evening.
He wrapped everyone into the story,
so much in fact that a little boy in the audience cried out "Aha!"
at a pivotal moment in the story
and Mr. Gaiman didn't miss a beat and pointed at the boy
and said "Aha!" right back at him.
The audience went crazy.
It was an evening I will not soon forget.
Thanks Court!
 I highly recommend the book 
for all ages.
And it begs to be read ALOUD.


Mar C said...

That is so cool that you got to go see Neil Gaiman personally! My girls also enjoyed his books as well. I personally couldn’t stop reading “The Graveyard” book until I was finished within a few days.

Sereia said...

What a magical evening! It's so fun to hear about your adventures.