Monday, November 18, 2013

Brighton by the Sea

photo Coryn

Took the train to Brighton about an hour from London.

photo Coryn

Rained heavy all morning so we stayed dry in local bookstores
and visited the BBC Sussex radio station
where we watched the host and listened to him interview
a World War II expert.

photo Coryn

Ran into a few sets of LDS missionaries
who were meeting to do exchanges for the day.
Always a treat to see them in action
and to share with them that we served missions as well
and that we understand their experience,
are proud of them, and pray for them daily.

photo Coryn

Rocky sand here.

photo Court

We hiked up a hill in the village and I swear it was about 5 miles...
We were looking for their historic Natural History Museum.
On our way we walked through the grounds of this church called
St. Nicholas Church.
(So glad to know Santa Claus has a church to attend.)
We finally arrived at the museum.
It was pretty impressive.
Lots of well preserved birds, butterflies, 
and skeletons of every type.
Court, of course, was in her heaven.

Fun adventure had by all.

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