Saturday, November 23, 2013

A visit to LaLa Land

(In Old Towne Pasedena)
Bill had a conference to attend in Los Angeles
and he invited me along.
It was also a chance to visit out daughter 'California Cait.'
(And may I say she has mastered those scary freeways.)

We enjoyed attending church at her beautiful chapel in Glendale.

While Bill was in meetings Cait and I had some fun
and bought tickets to tour the Grammy Museum
just around the corner from our lovely Marriott Hotel.
As both of us are singers we were truly into the groove:)

There was an exclusive exhibit on the life of Ringo Starr.
Memorabilia, costumes, photos, his art work, albums, drums.
Lots of original Beatles stuff.
Even a television showing their appearance on
The Ed Sullivan Show almost 50 years ago.

We even got a photo op with some of his old instruments.
Check out my drumming skills.
(When I was in junior high I wanted to be a drummer,
 It was because my favorite singer, Karen Carpenter was one.)

Our hotel was in the same plaza as the Nokia Theater.
I walked around on the day of this premiere and watched
the crews set up for the red carpet. 
I enjoyed conversations with several teenaged fans waiting in line.

On the night of the premiere downtown LA was a madhouse!
There was also a Lakers game next door in the Staples Center.
Bill and I walked into the plaza and watched
 some of the red carpet arrivals
which were projected on the big screen.
We walked over to get some dinner and on our way back
the interviews were over and all were entering the theater.
We walked towards out hotel along the glass windows leading
into the Nokia and to our surprise we saw Jennifer Lawrence,
the star of the film, walking right next to us
 with her family and friends.
She flashed her smile and she is just gorgeous.

Lucky us.
Caitlyn's friend, Jessica, who works for Warner Brothers,
arranged passes for us to spend a morning on the WB lots.
Her mother had worked for 30 years as the secretary to
the President of Warner Brothers and after graduating from college
Jessica's dream was to work there as well.
Caitlyn was eager to show us around her favorite studio.
Of all the studios Cait has worked at through Central Casting
she says the WB treated her the best and she enjoyed her experiences there.

 Costumes from The Great Gatsby (2013) worn by Leo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan
After a delicious lunch at the WB commissary,
we went to the Warner Brothers Museum.

 from Band of Brothers
They didn't used to allow photos to be taken,
but the ban was lifted the day we were there.

Christian Bale's Batman suit in Dark Knight.

Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn's costumes from My Fair Lady.

Concept drawings for Harry Potter films.
And then the big thrill for our family...
Getting to see the Harry Potter film memorabilia!

This was so amazingly realistic it gave me chills.
This is Hermione when she was petrified.
You could even see the veins in her hands.

Recognize this trio's wardrobe?

Yep, that's a BIG spider!

Dobby lives!

I love this scene in the film where nothing
is going to keep those letters out.

When we arrived we got sorted into our houses by the sorting hat.
Bill got Slytherin...haha:)
I got Hufflepuff
And Cait got Griffindor.
(3rd time she's been sorted and each time she's gotten Griffindor.)

Such a fabulous time!
I realize I have been very fortunate and a bit 
spoiled this past year
and I will not take it for granted.
(Stay tuned. More London to come...)

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