Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Redheaded Princess Floating above London

 We attended the world premiere of the musical
'The Light Princess'.
 It is based on the fairytale by Scottish writer George MacDonald.
The musical was written by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

 You may recall Tori Amos as a popular singer/songwriter
 in the 80's and 90's.
 The sold-out show was performed at the National Theatre. 
This glorious theatre established by Sir Lawrence Olivier,
 is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
Andrzej Lukowski
The Light Princess is a story about loss, grief, rebellion, acceptance and forgiveness.
Grief-stricken Princess Althea starts to float away from the world
after her mother's death.
Gravity cannot keep her feet on the ground.
You can read the fairytale here:
 Andrzej Lukowski
Rosalie Craig as the Princess was fantastic.
Throughout the show she was indeed floating and being lifted by wires,
props and other actors in order to give the appearance of her being off the ground.
The truly amazing thing was how she could sing pitch-perfect and flawlessly
while spinning acrobatically and even sometimes upside-down.
The production was visually and technically stunning in every aspect.
It was basically an operetta in theory as it was almost entirely sung.
The orchestra and singers were fantastic and the story captivating.
My guess is with perhaps a little tweeking and some revisions
this show could very well end up on Broadway.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Mar C said...

Caitlyn should audition for the part in America.