Monday, October 28, 2013

"I feel it in my bones..."

 Friday night, my jet-lagged body took Cammy to
Weber State University's Dee Event Center to the
sold out Imagine Dragons concert.
(Yes, I know. I'm a cool mom.)
 We were celebrating the end of Cammy's first term in high school.
She made the honor roll.
High fives all around.
 My friends Atlantic Record's Fictionist opened the concert.
They sounded amazing and gained thousands of new fans.
It was fun to meet them afterwards and get hugs.

 We had a blast!
The energy and excitement in the arena was amazing.
The concert was incredible.
It is still surreal to think that just two years ago 
Imagine Dragons was playing small concerts in my town
and I got to spend time hanging with them in a greenroom.
Their international rise has been impressive to say the least.
We heard them on the airwaves all over London.
And look at this handsome guy we ran into outside the arena.
If you don't recognize him, you must not be watching Kid History,
and you should be.

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