Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Daisy from Downton

 On our second night in London we attended the theatre
and this gal walked into the lobby.
You Downton Abbey fans will know her.
Sophie McShera.
No one seemed fazed by her or acted like they knew her.
We've noticed that is how it is in general with actors in London.
People pretty much leave them alone and don't fawn over their 'celebrity.'
We're a little more crazy that way in the USA.

Anyway, we debated for a few minutes whether we 
should acknowledge her, compliment her acting
and perhaps ask for her autograph and a photo. 
But we came to the conclusion that she was on a date
and we wouldn't trouble her. 
We couldn't resist a sneaky phone photo though.
Court took this at my insistence. 
We actually stood by her for quite awhile and as
we were let into the theatre her coat brushed against my arm
and it felt like some sort of yeti fur. Haha.
She is quite lovely.
(Stay tuned for more of our theatrical adventures.)

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