Monday, September 9, 2013

"Up on the Roof" and how I fell in love with James Taylor all over again.

 photo by Katie Hatfield
 Friday evening I went with my friend Brenda to the Rooftop Concert.
After spending the last two seasons in the greenroom and backstage with the bands,
it has been interesting seeing the whole thing from the perspective of an audience member.
Brenda and I actually used this as an excuse to get together and catch up on each others lives
after a long, hard, hot, and crazy summer for each of us respectively.
And I'll admit the concert became background to our conversation,
(which was long overdue) and which I always enjoy so much with my good friend.

 It was a pleasant evening for the concert, not quite as hot as it's been, even threatening rain.
We claimed our spot, picked up a Sweeto Burrito from the restaurant row,
and sat down for music, people watching, and conversation.
And we watched as our view of the stage became obscured by the masses of college students
who prefer to stand during the entire show. Did I really once do that back in the day?

 Amy Whitcomb warmed up the stage with her powerhouse vocals.
I've been a fan of hers from way back when I first heard her in BYU's 'Noteworthy,'
 as well as on TV's 'The Sing Off.' Great also to hear her on this season's 'The Voice.'
I wish they'd let her sing a few more numbers.

 The New Electric Sound is a band you want to sing along with
 which I have done in previous concerts, however this time they sang
all new material which I didn't know, so they missed out on having me
as their background singer.:) I did though, know the last song of their set.

I couldn't even get a photo this time of Ryan Innes.
He sang with a full band
(some members of my favorite Fictionist)
and really got the roof rocking.
 I will say this:
I much prefer the Ryan behind the piano doing his acoustic sets
without the band and the horns and the frills.
No one sings 'Georgia on my Mind'
quite like Ryan Innes.

 photo by Coryn
 On Saturday evening Court and I, along with Coryn and my future son-in-law,
attended this incredible concert at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City.
Lucky us!!
The Choir was magnificent as always.
Utah Symphony, hands down one of the finest in the country. 
Mack Wilberg is a genius.
And Sweet Baby James...
I'd forgotten how much I love his music.

photo credit
James Taylor's music was part of the soundtrack of my teenage years.
In fact, one of the songs I first performed on my guitar in a junior high assembly, 
was his version of Carole King's 'You've Got a Friend,'
(for which he won his first Grammy a few years before (1972)
and gave Carole King a Grammy for Song of the Year,)
I'd never seen anything like this audience in the Conference Center.
People holding up their cellphone lights and swaying.
People singing along to their favorites.
People calling out their requests during the two encores.
A lady next to us was so excited she couldn't sit still.
JT even got a standing ovation BEFORE he even got on the stage.
Coryn and Scott sat down left front and waved at him in the dark before he was introduced
and he nodded and smiled at them. Court and I had prime middle center seats down front.
The songs he sang with the choir were so beautiful. 
I loved the harmonies.
His voice was as strong as it was 40 years ago.
4 standing ovations. 
He loved the experience with the choir and seemed humbled and thrilled to be there.
Read about it HERE:


Yara said...

What fun! You described it so well that it almost felt like I was there.

M-Z-T said...

How fun! James Taylor. =)

And I'm amazed you were able to move around SLC Saturday evening (but then again, I was at the Salt Palace and that was psychotic!)

Treble Clef ♪ said...

We, in fact, saw many of "your kind" and were greatly entertained as we circle the block several times by the Salt Palace. Court even took photos of people on the sidewalks:) Sounds like Comic Con was a huge success.

Olivia Carter said...

I can't believe I haven't gone to this yet! I am determined to hit up the last one- that was the one you said you really liked in past years, right? I'm so making that work! :)