Friday, September 20, 2013

Indie Love

 Beautiful stage design at Velour/ photo by Court

We attended Mindy Gledhill's album release concert this week.
Special evening.
I realize I post a lot about Mindy and her music,
but since she has become a friend and I have gotten to know her as a person
and not just as the talented singer/songwriter, 
I have truly come to admire Mindy the human being.
Her warm personality and giving nature are authentic.
She is a loving and dedicated wife and a mother to 3 handsome boys.
Her creative abilities amaze me. 
And, I think what attracts me to her most is her free spirit.
When she decided to become an independent artist she was brave
and hardworking and made things happen.
It has paid off and she has been able to create a career that compliments her family life.
I live vicariously through her:)

 Mindy joins Scott Shepard of "Book on Tapeworm" for a duet.

I  am a big fan of independent music.
I truly enjoy many of the local bands and solo artists
who have developed their music here in my city.
It is exciting to see the vibrant music scene and how much
it has grown in just a few short years. 
Many friends my age don't really understand my
'love affair' with indie music, art and film. 
My husband teases me that perhaps I was born 25 years too early.
 Most indie artists are in a much younger demographic, it's true.
But none of them have made me feel like 'their mother.':)
(In the late 70's I sang in a band along with my friend Marci.
We fancied ourselves to be very cool...ala 'Fleetwood Mac,'...a story for another day.)
I'll admit I do have eclectic tastes
and maybe I'll have to talk about that more in another post.

 I finally got a photo with Scott! 
I've been trying since I met him two years ago at Rooftop.
He is camera shy, as am I.
This guy has the most silky, soothing voice.
He fronts two bands: 'Book on Tapeworm' and the new 'Oceanear."
Scott actually saw me in the audience and came over to say hi 
and I talked him into a photo.

photo by Caitlin Connolly

A bonus after the concert was getting a big hug from this guy.
Robbie, and his wife Caitlin, better known as 'Hue & Hum,'
are two of my favorite indie artists and people.
(I gave Robbie this vinyl from my late brother Con's Beatles collection
when I learned he was a huge fan of their music. 
I knew Con would approve:)
It was the first album Robbie played after purchasing a turntable.)
He is lead guitarist for 'Fictionist.' 
They are signed with Atlantic Records.
(Cammy and I are looking forward to their concert next month with 'Imagine Dragons'.)
So, I guess until someone tells me to "grow-up,"
my adventures with the indie scene continue...

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