Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boomdeeada Boomdeeaye...

Sara, Sammy, Milly and Cammy
 My friend Brenda sent me some photos from this year's
 girls camp, so I thought I'd post them.
(Thanks Brenda.)

 This is the 15th year my husband has attended girls camp at Mia Shalom.
 I guess being a dad of four daughters qualifies him for the work.
 (During that time he has also done his fair share of Boy Scout camps.)
Our girls have all thought it was pretty neat to have their
dad up there each year. I mean, how many guys will take
an entire week off work each summer to sleep in the back
of a van in chilly weather, chop wood, build fires,
haul biffy water, rescue canoes from the middle of a lake,
give Priesthood blessings when needed, take hikes,
certify girls on skill requirements, deal with girl drama,
and help write, direct and act in a silly skit?
Yeah, that's my guy.

 Cammy with her sweet friend, Rachel.

 Photo: Julie Woodfield (Thanks!)
Sammy, Sara and Cammy.

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