Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Radiant Rooftop

With my husband and Cammy off at Girl's Camp,
Coryn photographing a wedding in Pleasant Grove
and Caitlyn in LA swimming with the sharks,
Court and I decided to head over to The Rooftop
and spend our Friday evening as audience members.
After two seasons behind the scenes it felt a bit strange.

 All photos by me
 Mindy lit up the stage!
She gave us all a special premiere of some songs
from her upcoming CD Pocketful of Poetry.
Love this gal. She's fabulous!

  Always great to see my friend, Justin Hackworth
doing his thing behind the camera lens.
Given my celebrity status, I came incognito
so as not to be caught in front of the lens:)

 Gorgeous night.
Audience filled up fast.
Crowd of 3000 once again.

 Look at those lovely mountains.

 Scott Shepherd started us out.
He sings with Book on Tapeworm,
a favorite of mine.
His new band is called Oceanear.
His voice is heavenly and if my
my husband agreed I would call Scott
to come on over and sing us to sleep.
He's also a very nice person.
 And Court surprised me by sneaking over
to the merch table and buying me my own
hard copy of this lovely CD.
(It has a 'pop-up' book inside. Love.)
 Some balloons escaped from Restaurant Row
to chase the blue sky.
 I'm pretty sure I flirted a few times with this security guard
last year:) Just keeping the help happy. Flirting and Diet Coke.
The other handsome guy with the beard is Nate who took over my
job this year. He is great and has the most darling family.
(Not sure who the pretty blonde is...)

 Kaneisha Johnson, who manages local music hot spot Velour,
is a big Rooftop Concert supporter.
She is talking with Spencer Harrison of Mideau
before their set. (He and Libbie Linton have created
a really cool sound with their new band.)

 If you've never been to the Rooftop
and you're in driving distance of Provo,
You should come on over.
It's still FREE.
Info Here.
Next month on September 6th the concert features
our local Ryan Innes who was a finalist on this season's
The Voice.
 His voice is awesome.


Mar C said...

I hope this comment is getting through. I’m glad you put your comment link back up again.
Anyway, we went to the concert as well. Julz and her friend wanted to be right up front under one of the big speakers. The music was to loud for me so I stood by the wall and enjoyed the evening. Great Concert!!

Julie said...

I had no idea you were "in the know" with the people of Provo. That is pretty awesome. By the way, we were SO grateful to have your husband at Girls Camp. He has hauling biffy water down to a science. :)