Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outstanding Opera

Took my 80-year-old opera-loving mom
to the Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre
in lovely Logan, Utah.
She's been wanting to attend for years
so I said, "Let's do it!"

 Fiddler on the Roof

The festival is in it's 26th year and is the brain-child
of renowned opera singer/teacher Michael Ballam.
He played Tevye in Fiddler and was absolutely delightful.

The performances were held in the gorgeous
Eccles Theatre on Main Street.
This is a jewel in the community. 
Judging from all the silver heads
 in the sold-out audience
I was most likely the youngest in attendance:)
(Why is it I am the youngest at the opera and the oldest at the indie band concerts I attend?) 

 Mr. Ballam has created a gem in Cache Valley.
Singers from opera companies throughout the country
audition for the opportunity to perform at the festival.
 Many from the renowned Metropolitan Opera in NYC.

At the performance of Otello we attended
the singer (from the Met) portraying the title character became ill
 at the last minute and his 'cover' had to step in.
When Mr. Ballam stepped in front of the curtain to make
 the announcement there was an audible groan from the audience.
However, at the end of the performance there were 'bravos'
and a standing ovation!
He was fabulous and the entire opera was magnificent.
 In the greeting line afterwards it was fun to watch
 darling little silver-haired ladies wanting
 his autograph and photos with him:)

We went on a drive through the campus of Utah State
and around Logan so my mom could see the elementary school
she did her student teaching at as well as the place she had lived.


Logan Temple

 Always wonderful to visit the beautiful LDS Temples.
Brigham City Temple

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! I’m sure Fiddler on the Roof was excellent. I remember the day you got married I had to go up to the U of U after the wedding ceremony to sing for Michael Ballam. I sang the German song we learned in madrigals.
I think before that you helped me audition for the Utah Opera Company playing the same song. What’s funny is the Opera was Otello!