Saturday, July 20, 2013

Books, Books, Books...and Yada, Yada, Yada

As tradition dictates I attended the annual BYU Symposium on Books for Young Readers this past week along with Court and Cammy. We had such a great time listening to amazing award-winning authors and illustrators. It is always nice to see people I've met over the years at this event. And, I had a very fun serendipity moment when I met a new friend who actually reads this blog! Such a surprise as I only thought my family and a handful of friends followed my blog. I certainly hope the 'real me' as opposed to the 'cyber me' was not a huge disappointment:)

 This is the lovely & talented Yara (pronounced Yada). I liked her immediately and we learned we have several interests in common. I'm afraid I talked her ears off (yada, yada, poor friends know about this) but she was so kind and patient. She shared some fascinating tidbits with me and I am so looking forward to future conversations. (E-mail me Yara!)

 For the past few years the Symposium has been held at our gorgeous Provo Library.

 Apparently the photographer caught me at registration and posted this on the BFYR facebook.

 The children's library always does fabulous window displays of the featured presenter's books.

 Photo by Court
 This is Tony DiTerlizzi. Author and illustrator of The Spiderwick Chronicles and others.
He was so hysterically funny I hurt myself laughing.

 Photo by Court
I was excited to meet Sara Pennypacker.
I read her darling Clementine series to Cammy
when she was 9 years old.


This cute couple is Philip and Erin Stead.
Phillip is a writer and illustrator
and his wife is an illustrator.
They live in a 100 year old barn in Michigan.
 photo by Court
Their book won the Caldecott medal, the highest honor for illustration.
Erin is the youngest recipient of that honor and it was also her FIRST book!

 We all enjoyed a delicious dinner in the BYU Ballroom and listened to an awesome speech
by author and Newbery winner Karen Cushman.

She says she was a late-bloomer, not starting her writing career until her 50's.
So I guess there is hope for me to find something to do with the rest of my life:)
I have enjoyed several of her historical fiction books such as
Catherine, Called Birdy and The Ballad of Lucy Whipple
as well as this:

 photo by Jeff Nielsen
 And I was introduced to a writer I was not familiar with.
Jennifer Nielsen is from my hometown and has made a big splash in the national publishing world.
After hearing her speak I am anxious to read her novels/series.

 Author/illustrator Steve Jenkins is prolific with a huge collection of books to his credit.
Neat to learn about how he creates his art.
He is well-known for his beautiful illustrations of animals.

And last, but certainly not least, it is always great to see my old acting buddy, Mark Pulham.
Mark is a retired elementary teacher, part-time librarian and master puppeteer.
He is a host/assistant to an author each year and always gives the most entertaining introductions.
(Many years ago on stage he was Charlie Brown to my Patty and my husband's Schroeder.
In fact, to this day whenever he sees me he still calls me Patty:)  Such fun!)

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