Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Magical Music from Mika

photo mikauniverse
Went to Salt Lake City last weekend to see this guy in concert.

photo Coryn
Our friend Jenny who introduced us to Mika's music
came along with me and Court and Coryn.
In fact, 5 years ago we attended his concert at
the same venue.
Court was serving her LDS mission at the time
and so when we heard he was coming again
we just couldn't pass it up. 

photo Coryn
Mika is a huge star throughout Europe and Asia. 
He sells out concert halls and arenas. 
He is still lesser known here in the United States so lucky for us!
We have been up front and close to him twice in a very small venue
 of a few hundred people.

photo Court
Mika was born in Lebenon and raised in Paris
and makes his home in London.
He is a phenomenal musician with an incredible vocal range.
His falsetto is well developed and reminiscent of 
Freddie Mercury of the band Queen.

 photo Court
Mika loves Salt Lake City and that the audience
 loves to sing along with him.
At his 2008 concert the bus with all the equipment,
 instruments and props
got stranded in a February snow storm.
We waited outside the venue for 2 hours as they decided whether 
or not to cancel. But instead they scrambled to borrow instruments from local musicians and turned the show into
an acoustic set. 
Mika was so apologetic and even worried he would be booed 
off the stage. Just the opposite.
It was a memorable evening and an amazing concert.
 Everyone loved him.
He actually got quite emotional over the experience.  

 photo Morgan_sans_e
He even wrote a love song about Salt Lake City
and said that his 2008 concert here had inspired this particular
acoustic styled tour this year.
 Such a great concert with everyone dancing and singing along.
Because it is a standing venue I'll tell you I felt like
I had done a month's worth of aerobics afterwards.
But so worth it.