Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another appearance on that show where people burst into song....

 A diva sandwich? 
Caitlyn caught in the middle
with Sarah Jessica Parker and Lea Michelle.
I haven't watched GLEE much since the first season.
I've caught a few of the musical numbers here and there and only started
recording the show this season to catch Cait when Central Casting began
using her on the show.
In my opinion this was a show with such promise,
especially for those of us obsessive musical theatre types:)
But as soon as they started to take the focus away from the music
and 'created an agenda' with way 'over-the-top' characters,
ridiculous scenarios and relationships
they lost me.

Caitlyn said she spent most of the day in this gorgeous theatre.
After her "moment" in the scene she watched the following
musical number filmed over and over until they got it right.
On a personal note: I loved their staging of this piece.
It took me back to my university days when I performed this same
number in a showcase for one of my theatre requirements.
It's quite a poignant song.
And ballet was my first love.
"At the Ballet" from Marvin Hamlisch's A CHORUS LINE.
(I sang the part that the first girl (Santana) sings in the number.)
It's quite lovely with all the ballet dancers and children.
Watch it: