Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zack's Shack

 So impressed with this great kid.
He has such a caring heart.
For the past 3 years since he was six
Zack has run a lemonade/cookie stand
to earn money for children who are in desperate
need of a wheelchair and unable to purchase one.
With the help of his family and grandparents
he has been able to provide many wheelchairs since
starting his little business.

We dropped by this weekend
to support his cause and check up on 
how he was doing in this years efforts.
(Always fun to go back to our former neighborhood.)

Zack was featured on KSL's Studio 5 and news this week.
He told me he got tons more business this year because of that.
Several present and former BYU football players
 came to meet him and support the cause. 
He was pretty excited about that.
Humble, cute young man who wants to do good.
(The cookies and lemonade were delicious...)